Your partner in serving customers with compassion.

For generations, Assurant has helped agents and funeral homes strengthen their ability to respond to customer needs with compassion and help them plan for the future. We’re a global leader in pre-funded final expense solutions and the trusted partner to two of the largest funeral home and cemetery consolidators in the world. We listen to our clients to provide best-in-class preneed and senior lifestyle protection solutions, allowing them to enjoy their families and their lives today. Here’s how we can help you.


Relationships built on trust. 

Funeral homes, cemetery consolidators, agents, executors, and industry peers trust us to help them deliver competitive, first-class pre-need and final-expense solutions. We take that trust seriously. Assurant is committed to continuous investment in technology, research and product development that results in partners with unsurpassed advantages and customers with experiences that suit their needs.

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Funeral Homes & Consolidators

We’ve been a trusted partner to the largest funeral home and cemetery consolidator in the world for more than three decades. That’s because we’re actively committed to the success of our clients. Our knowledge of client capabilities and processes informs our training and coaching of funeral homes and outside selling partners, helping ensure growth.
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Distribution Partners

Assurant understands what matters most to the future of this industry. Agents are our frontline and are instrumental in helping our funeral home partners understand how aligning with Assurant supports their business. Partnering with us connects you with a company that aims to stay ahead of emerging industry trends and resources, which are essential to your success.


Understanding, innovation and security.


Unparalleled senior lifestyle protection solutions.